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RayLee Green

RayLee Homes are CERTIFIED GREEN – Bronze or Silver Level* by Build Green New Mexico.
The Green building technologies, products and practices employed by RayLee Homes during construction improve the performance of your new home by:

  • Providing greater energy efficiency
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing water wastage
  • Preserving natural resources
  • Improving durability and reducing maintenance

What Is “Green” Building?

Green building refers to new home construction that is environmentally responsible and resource efficient. RayLee Homes considers the entire building process from start to finish and is proud to be certified Green. Every builder talks about building Green, but the critical difference is that RayLee homes undergo rigorous impartial Third-Party inspections and testing during construction and are CERTIFIED GREEN by Build Green New Mexico.

Build Green New Mexico is a statewide program for certifying Green Residential Building and new home projects must meet their standards for lot design / development, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environment quality and homeowner education to be certified Green.

The Build Green New Mexico certification insures to the homeowner that an impartial third-party has certified that all Green practices and products have been employed correctly.

In addition to the Green certification the homeowner receives after closing you will also receive the test results and a HERS Index that shows how efficient your home is compared to a home built only to the minimum code requirements.


    The Residential Energy Service Network (RESNET) is an organization that trains professionals to inspect, test and rate the performance efficiency of a home. These professionals are called HERS Raters – HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System. One of the final documents that the HERS Rater provides the builder and Green Verifier is a certificate that shows the HERS Index of that home. The HERS Index is a comparison of that home tested to a home built to the standard building code .

    For example, a home built equal to the standard code is rated at a HERS Index of 100. An older, less efficient home may have a rating of 145, which means that home is 45% LESS efficient than one built to code. A new energy efficient RayLee home may have a number of 60. This home would be 40% more efficient than the code built home. The lower the number the better (like a golf score). Please consult a RayLee Sales Agent regarding sample HERS ratings for a new RayLee home.


    RayLee homes are designed to be more energy efficient than a home built to the minimum code requirements and passing these tests, in addition to meeting other requirements, ensures the high performance of your home and is required by Build Green New Mexico.


    This ensures that a continuous air barrier is maintained between all heated and unheated areas of the home. This test is performed by a third party Building Inspector (HERS rater) and is completed at the frame stage. This is a visual inspection and all RayLee homes pass before being sheetrocked.


    This test measures the amount of air leakage in the HVAC ducts. This test is performed by a third party (HERS rater) and is typically done prior to sheetrock but can take place anytime prior to completion. On a Duct Blaster Test a passing score is a maximum of 6% leakage. According to the HERS rater a typical RayLee Home passes easily with a 2% – 3% leakage on average.


    This test measures the “tightness” of the home by determining the number of air changes per hour (ACH). This test is also performed by a third party (HERS rater) and is done at end of the construction process. On a Blower Door Test a passing score is a maximum of 6 air changes per hour. According to the HERS rater a typical RayLee Home passes easily with a 4 – 5 ACH on average.

Some of the “Green” features and building practices in a RayLee home include*:

  • Resource efficient, locally manufactured 3000 PSI Concrete
    Energy efficient R-10 insulation at the foundation
  • Passive Radon Mitigation in foundation for improved indoor air quality
  • Sill sealer installed between foundation and sill plate – air infiltration & air quality
  • Lumber from a Resource efficient FSC or SFI Certified Lumber Mill
  • 2″ x 6″ Exterior Wall Framing for thicker insulation
  • Direct Vent / Sealed Unit fireplace w/ fixed glass for less air infiltration**
  • R-49 Insulation in Ceiling w/ resource efficient recycled content- Install 3rd party verified R-21 Insulation in Exterior Walls w/ res. eff. recycled content- Install 3rd party verified
  • Water resistive 15 lb. felt paper installed at stucco system – indoor air quality
  • Energy efficient Gas Fired Central Heat sized per Manual J
  • Energy efficient Vinyl Insulated, Double-Paned Windows w/ Low E Glass.
  • Full Foam Air Infiltration Package for improved energy efficiency and air quality
  • Energy Efficient, Highly Insulated A/C Ducts sealed w/ mastic w/ approved duct layout
  • Energy efficient Tankless Water Heater
  • Panasonic vent fans w/ timer for improved air quality and energy efficiency
  • Programmable Thermostat for energy efficiency
  • Refrigerated Air Conditioning sized per Manual J for optimal performance
  • Bora-Care Termite Treatment – EPA Registered and HUD Approved
  • Resource efficient Low Water Use Commodes – 1.28 GPF
  • ENERGY STAR Lighting
  • ENERGY STAR General Electric Dishwasher
  • Resource efficient locally manufactured sheet rock
  • Low VOC interior paint for improved indoor air quality
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in place during construction
  • Bronze or Silver Certified * by Build Green New Mexico – see sales associate for details

* Each of our homes are Bronze or Silver Certified. Our sales associates will detail which features apply to your home of choice.

** Not included in All Star Series – Contact Sales Agent for details. Features subject to change without notice.